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Hackers Who Wear the White Hat While Using Black Hat Skills

“White hat” hackers, the good guys in the hacking universe, have become essential players in global cybersecurity, especially in the private sector. How can the government learn from the private sector when it comes to cybersecurity, and what challenges do they face in working with the good guys?

The Power of Data in the World of Social Justice

Nonprofits tackle arguably the world’s biggest problems. How can their perspective on data amplify their future impact?

Meet & Greet in Denver: October 2017

This past October, prospective and current MIDS students gathered for a Meet & Greet in downtown Denver, Colorado — an opportunity to make connections offline, seek advice on balancing educational and personal priorities and share expertise in the field of data science.

Data Tools Deep Dive: Machine Learning

Though the term “machine learning” has become increasingly common, many still don’t know exactly what it means and how it is applied. We will examine how machine learning is defined as a tool used by data scientists — and take a bird’s eye view of how it was developed, how it is currently being used, and what lies ahead as it continues to evolve.  

Industrial Internet: Big Data and Analytics Driving Big Outcomes

The torrent of data generated from machines, networks, devices, and data centers in industry verticals provide challenges and opportunities. The challenge is to make this machine data meaningful and actionable to deliver on opportunities around operational efficiencies. On March 15, Beena Ammanath, Vice President of Data Science at General Electric, joined datascience@berkeley to present “Industrial Internet: Big Data and Analytics Driving Big Outcomes.” Ammanath shared real-world case studies demonstrating tangible operational benefits by tightly integrating machines, networked sensors, industrial-strength data, and software to enable intelligent insights and affect measurable outcomes. Here, we provide a recap of her presentation and key takeaways about how the Industrial Internet is making the most of big data to drive big outcomes. 

Synthetic Capstone Spotlight: AidSight

The Master of Information and Data Science (MIDS) program at the UC Berkeley School of Information (I School) culminates with a synthetic capstone project. One capstone team consisting of MIDS students Nicholas Hamlin, Natarajan Krishnaswami, Glenn Dunmire, and Minhchau Dang came together to create AidSight. AidSight is a platform that uses modern data science techniques to make the 600,000 aid activities reported to the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) understandable and digestible at a glance. The AidSight team took some time to answer a few questions we had about the impact their platform is having on the global aid and funding community.