Cybersecurity Salaries and Job Outlook

Careers in cybersecurity are on the upswing. From information architects to computer programmers, organizations are employing cybersecurity experts to protect their information and intellectual property and fight online fraud and hackers. The pay can be generous for highly trained professionals in this field.

Big Data Isn’t a Concept — It’s a Problem to Solve

What is big data? To some it represents a cultural shift and for others it’s simply a concept. Here we deconstruct the term “big data,” and discuss how we should talk about it and what it sets us up to do for the future with AnnaLee Saxenian, dean of the UC Berkeley School of Information (I School).

Python for Data Science

Behind every smartphone app you use, there’s a programming language instructing the device to work seamlessly. Out of 250 programming languages, Python continues to be one of the most popular. Here we’ll examine what Python is and how Python compares to R as you consider which language is better suited for your needs.

The Power of Data: How Berkeley’s I School is Bringing More Women into Data Science

It’s hard to go a week without seeing a new headline about the importance of data. It’s being used to prevent heart attacks, make factories more efficient, and power self-driving cars. Demand for data scientists is soaring: it’s the fastest growing job in the US, according to LinkedIn. But as data science becomes an increasingly crucial field, women are missing out: only about 26 percent of data jobs are filled by women. And more to the point, the world is missing out on them.

The Damaging Effects of IP Theft

Intellectual property theft costs the United States economy billions every year. What are the cybersecurity challenges in protecting IP? And the effects when it is stolen?

MIDS 2018 Winter Commencement

On January 21, the UC Berkeley School of Information (I School) recognized more than 100 summer and fall 2017 graduates with their families at the winter commencement. It was an intimate ceremony despite the online nature of the school’s Master of Information and Data Science (MIDS) program, moving some online students to reflect on their accomplishments.  “I feel like I’ve been baptized,” said Michael Rubin. “The honor of working and learning with this collection of bright and energetic minds … was entirely mine.”  Another student, Geoff Stirling, commented on how the program has seeped into his family life — in a positive way. “Our […]

Hackers Who Wear the White Hat While Using Black Hat Skills

“White hat” hackers, the good guys in the hacking universe, have become essential players in global cybersecurity, especially in the private sector. How can the government learn from the private sector when it comes to cybersecurity, and what challenges do they face in working with the good guys?