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datascience@berkeley Students Discuss How Data Science Will Affect Industries in the Future

Data science has become an integral part of critical decision-making processes, industry trends in the workforce, and even everyday life. With this in mind, we asked students working toward a Master of Information and Data Science (MIDS) degree in the datascience@berkeley program: How data science will make an impact in the future and which industry they thought would be most affected?

A Simple Model for Running Marathons

Alejandro Rojas is a student in the datascience@berkeley program, and loves models and running marathons. Combining both experiences, Rojas recounts how he successfully achieved his marathon goals using simple data models to optimize his performance.  

Advanced Course Spotlight: Behind the Data: Humans and Values

Students in the Master of Information and Data Science (MIDS) program at the UC Berkeley School of Information can elect to add the advanced course Behind the Data: Humans and Values to their course of study. We asked our students to reflect on the topics covered in this course and how the course has impacted the development of their data science skills.

datascience@berkeley Fall 2015 Capstone Presentations

On January 6, the fall 2015 datascience@berkeley graduates presented their capstone projects in a public webinar — marking the culmination of their journey through the two-year program.

datascience@berkeley Students Discuss Big Data


We asked datascience@berkeley students what variables or elements make up big data. Is big data a factor or issue of velocity, variety, or volume, or is it some mix of these?

Webinar: Working Together at the Intersection of Data Science and Data Engineering

In this webinar, presented by the UC Berkeley School of Information, host Stephen O’Sullivan—VP, Engineering at Silicon Valley Data Science—explores why a siloed approach creates unnecessary headaches, as well as how working together as a blended team can lead to better results.