datascience@berkeley Summer 2015 Capstone Presentations

On Wednesday, August 26, datascience@berkeley graduates from the inaugural class presented their capstone projects — the culminating project of a two-year program — publicly in an online webinar. For their capstone project, the graduates were tasked with demonstrating the application of core data science skills ­related to problem solving, communication, influence, and management to a topic of their choice.

Many graduates utilized this project as an opportunity to solve problems that the average person faces everyday. From using predictive analytic strategies for a better user experience for San Francisco’s public transit commuters to manipulating large data sets of trending music patterns to determine the probability of individual songs being a “hit” in the rap music genre, among others, the MIDS graduates were able to quantify and solve real-world questions and obstacles. Project topics include:

Marketing Electric Cars

Predicting the Next Pitch

R.A.P. – Rap Analysis Project

  • Utilizing over 40 years of recording chart data, the team is able to predict what makes for a hit on the Billboard charts, as well as provide performance of similar entries.
  • Tony AbrahamNikhita KoulJoseph Morales

Timely Trains – Better prediction for BART train departures

  • Predictive analytical strategies allow this team to provide real-time, accurate understandings of the arrivals and delays of the BART train system in San Francisco. 
  • Milad DavalooNitin KohliElizabeth Peters

uConserve Home Energy Dashboard

  • The uConserve dashboard is the product of analytics, visualizations, and targeted, actionable conservation recommendations to drive awareness and conservation of natural resources throughout the world.
  • Lisa KirchRahul BansalNital Patwa

Where should you live?

  • Using comparative analytical strategies based on one’s current zip code, the team is able to aid in the home buying decision providing similar target areas in other metropolitan areas.
  • Sharon LinJudd HeckmanThiyagarajan Shanmuga


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“We created Wilson, [an online lending club database] which allows you to see exactly which loans we are predicting will generate higher yield for your portfolio, [and] allows you to keep control over what you’re investing in, keeping it very transparent.” – Erin Boehmer, MIDS Graduate

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