Data Science Essentials Online Short Course

Earn a Certificate from the UC Berkeley I School

With the rapid expansion of accessible data, organizations are transforming the way they make key business decisions and develop new strategies. This requires leaders who comprehend how to achieve data-driven solutions and can successfully lead a team of data science professionals.

The UC Berkeley School of Information (I School) offers an online Data Science Essentials short course for leaders who want to understand how data is used to derive insights, interpret results, and communicate findings to solve business challenges. No technical background required.

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Guide Your Business with Data

In this online data science short course, you will develop a comprehensive understanding of how data affects your organization and employees. The course will cover the principles of data science that your employees interact with on a daily basis and help you understand how these techniques and findings inform business objectives.

Lead a data-focused organization.

Use data to drive strategies.

Manage a team that handles data.

Upon completion of the online short course, you will be issued a Data Science Essentials certificate from the UC Berkeley I School. This certificate signifies your expertise in understanding how to effectively recruit, manage, and retain professionals who drive change using data in your organization.

Explore the Curriculum

All modules are completed entirely online. You can expect to spend a total of 8 to 10 hours a week on the course.

Module 1
Principles of Data Science

Gain an understanding of the foundations of data science and its applications.

Module 2
Data Science Processes, Impact, and Functions

Evaluate how the data science process can be used to address business problems.

Module 3
Modern Applications of Data Science

Realize the potential of data management in your organization through modern applications.

Module 4
Building a Data Science Team

Learn how to recruit, retain, and develop data talent for your organization.

Module 5
Measuring the Success of Data Science Projects

Measure key performance indicators to recognize the drivers of value from data.

Module 6
Digital Transformation Strategies

Develop your planning and strategy skills by implementing a data science project.

Get to Know Our Platform

The Data Science Essentials online short course is powered by GetSmarter, a 2U Inc. brand.

  • Easy-to-use virtual classroom, called the Online Campus, that has everything you need in one place
  • Interactive and engaging course work that features Prezis, video lectures, practice quizzes, and module notes
  • Helpful discussion board where you can ask questions and share ideas with your head tutor and classmates

Learn from Data Experts

You will learn from I School faculty and industry experts who bring their unique data perspectives to the classroom. With years of experience, they will help you effectively implement data science solutions and invest in the right technologies and systems.

Hear about the Data Science Essentials online short course directly from your future instructors.

Lead Innovation in Your Organization

Earn a certificate in Data Science Essentials from the UC Berkeley I School.

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