Artificial Intelligence Strategy Online Short Course

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is the future for many organizations — the near future — and with this exciting innovation in technology comes skepticism and challenges. As a leader, it’s your responsibility to understand and address these concerns to plan for your organization’s success.

The UC Berkeley School of Information (I School) offers an online Artificial Intelligence Strategy short course for leaders who want to understand AI technology, the current landscape, and how to implement effective AI strategy in their organization.
No technical background required.

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Prepare for the Future of AI

In the online AI Strategy short course, you will develop an understanding of the practical impact artificial intelligence can have on your organization and how to combat the fear that AI puts human jobs at risk. The online short course will prepare you to use this advanced technology to help ensure the longevity of your organization by developing an artificial intelligence strategy that aligns with your unique organizational goals and values.

Bridge the gap between AI application and your business needs.

Take the appropriate approach to implementing AI strategy.

Communicate effective AI strategy across teams.

Upon completion of the online artificial intelligence short course, you will be issued an Artificial Intelligence Strategy certificate from the UC Berkeley I School. This certificate signifies your expertise in identifying and addressing business needs that can benefit from AI and overcoming the challenges associated with implementing an effective strategy in your organization.

Explore the Curriculum

All modules are completed entirely online. You can expect to spend a total of 7 to 10 hours a week on the course.

Module 1
AI Now — Why This Time It’s Different

Explore the evolution of AI and its technologies and discover why it is important to have an artificial intelligence strategy, and when to adopt one.

Module 2
Challenges and Approaches to Determining an AI Strategy

Students will decide on the most suitable AI strategy for an organization based on its strategic objectives.

Module 3
Resource Requirements for Adopting an AI Strategy

Students will determine the resources needed to adopt an AI strategy.

Module 4
KPIs and Identifying Threats

Explore factors that affect the maintenance of an AI strategy, such as threats and KPIs.

Module 5
Consolidating Your AI Strategy Canvas

Complete your artificial intelligence strategy canvas.

Module 6
Future AI Implications

Students will prepare for the future of the industry by looking at the predicted growth and how to equip for this growth.

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Learn from AI Experts

You will learn from I School faculty and industry experts who bring their unique artificial intelligence perspectives to the classroom. With their years of experience in tech, they will help you understand the history of AI, current innovations in the industry, and how to successfully keep up with future developments.

Hear about the AI Strategy online short course directly from your future instructors.

Lead Successful AI Strategy in Your Organization

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