Research Design and Application for Data and Analysis

3 units

Research design  /  Question formulation  /  Data and decision making  /  Understanding cognitive bias  /  Data for persuasion and action  /  Integrating data and domain knowledge  /  Storytelling with data

Steve Weber and Andy Brook

This course introduces students to the burgeoning data sciences landscape, with a particular focus on learning how to apply data science reasoning techniques to uncover, enrich, and answer questions facing decision makers across a variety of industries and organizations today. After an introduction to data science and an overview of the program, students will explore how individuals and organizations assess options, make decisions, and probe the emerging role of big data in guiding both tactical and strategic decisions. Lectures, readings, discussions, and assignments will teach students how to apply disciplined, creative methods in order to ask better questions, efficiently gather data, interpret results, and convey findings to various audiences in order to change minds and behaviors. The emphasis throughout is on making practical contributions to decisions that organizations will and should make. Industries explored include sports management, finance, energy, journalism, intelligence, healthcare, and media/entertainment.

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