Modern Data Applications

3 units


 Strategic and Business Thinking / Data Strategy and Management / Data-informed Decision Making and Leadership / Modern Data Application and Opportunity Evaluation / Strategic Business Case Development for Data Science Applications


Modern Data Stack / Innovation, Technology, and Data Strategy Frameworks / Qualitative Models / Analytical Frameworks / Executive Communication 

Joyce Shen

This is a multidisciplinary graduate course that synthesizes data management, data economy, and machine learning & AI strategy and research, product innovation, business and enterprise technology strategy, industry analysis, organizational decision-making and data-driven leadership into one course offering. The course provides strategic thinking tools, analytical frameworks, and real-world case examples to help students explore and investigate modern data applications and opportunities in multiple domains and industries. Students are required to participate in weekly sessions and write response pieces as well as a final paper and presentation evaluating one defining application or emerging technology in machine learning/AI end-to-end.

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