Capstone Course

3 Units

In the MICS capstone class, students use the full range of cybersecurity skills, techniques, and concepts gained throughout the program to design and execute a semester-long team project. Student teams propose a complex cybersecurity project to which they can apply multi-faceted research, analysis, and problem-solving. Projects typically focus on real-world issues, applications and solutions (or prototypes) with the aim of preparing students for practical and long-term success as cybersecurity professionals. Project topics may include analysis, measurement, design/innovation, testing, attack, or research. Students are evaluated based on the quality of their project deliverables as well as their ability to collaboratively develop and communicate their work in both written and oral form.

Throughout the course, students communicate with classmates and instructors about their work, receive and provide feedback in informal group discussions and formal class presentations, and ultimately deliver a web-based presentation and final deliverable. Includes relevant readings, case studies and discussions, and real-world examples and perspectives from cybersecurity experts and industry practitioners.