MIDS Summer 2016 Capstone Presentations

On August 25, the summer 2016 datascience@berkeley graduates presented their capstone projects in a public webinar. For the capstone project, the graduates were tasked to solve a real-world situation or problem utilizing their data science skills in communication, problem-solving, influence, and management to provide a fully realized solution. From simplifying the complexities of healthcare options to consumers, to understanding and detecting the distractions of today’s drivers, many groups were focused on using data for the betterment of society – a theme that is rooted in the fundamentals of the I School at UC Berkeley. Below we’ve compiled the full list of the capstones, short descriptions of each, and links to learn more about the projects.

Hal R. Varian MIDS Capstone Award

Named after the founding dean of the UC Berkeley School of Information and current Chief Economist at Google, the Hal R. Varian Capstone Award is presented to project groups based on an exceptional demonstration of the skills and tools acquired at the culmination of the MIDS program. Recipients of this award will be announced later this year.;

Below is a summary of the Summer 2016 capstone project presentations:

AidSight: Information and Insight in the International Aid Sector

Brand Buzz on Reddit


Patent Recommender

  • Prabhakar GundugolaJason LottDhaval Bhatt
  • Simplify searching for relevant content in patents that leverage the textual similarities in the claims text to find most relevant patents for a given subset of patents.

Semantic Health

Sherlock Homes: Investigating Property Growth in Australia 

Soteria: Distracted Driver Detection

True Business Data

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