On the Shelf: Data Science Books

One of my favorite things about data nerds is that they’re always eager to learn. (I certainly know the feeling!) No matter how much education they have, no matter how many technical skills they possess, they always want more.

One of the best ways to go about gaining this knowledge is to read, read, read. Read the work of those who came before you, read to stay abreast of current technology, read anything you can get your hands on.

Want to know more about the business, sociology, or nitty—gritty of data science? Here are some great books on the discipline to get you on your way:

About Data Science

Data Science for Businesses

Data Science in Popular Culture

Data Visualization

How To’s & Manuals

The Sociology of Data Science

Have you read any books that you think should be included on this list? Are there areas of the data science field that you think haven’t received enough attention in the popular press? Let us know in the comments!