Machine Learning Online Short Course

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With the advancement of machine learning technologies, organizations now have the ability to sort through massive amounts of data and automate innovative business operations. To implement this disruptive technology successfully, leaders like you must prepare employees for the impact this technology can have on your business.

The UC Berkeley School of Information (I School) offers an online Machine Learning short course for companies that want to equip employees with an understanding of the impact of machine learning and how to manage its implementation. No technical background required.

Foster a Culture of Learning and Upskill Your Team’s Technical Strategy

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Drive Your Organization with Efficiency and Innovation

The online Machine Learning short course will equip your team with the skills needed to lead sustainable and ethical machine learning practices within your organization, without requiring any technical coding or programming knowledge.

Your employees will learn primarily through case studies, providing you with practical operational insight into machine learning and its applications. With each case study, you will analyze learning models, techniques, and ethical ramifications and then present a business case for using machine learning in organizations.

Solve business problems with machine learning techniques.

Develop strategy for implementing machine learning models.

Lead collaboration between technical and business development teams.

Upon completion of the online short course, each team member will be issued a Machine Learning certificate from the UC Berkeley I School. This certificate signifies their ability to effectively integrate machine learning applications into your organization and lead across business and tech-focused teams.

Explore the Curriculum

All modules are completed entirely online. Your employees can expect to spend a total of 7 to 10 hours a week on the course.

Module 1
Solving Business Problems with Machine Learning

Use machine learning to solve problems in an organization.

Module 2
Ethics and Due Process

Explore the ethical implications of using data to solve a business problem.

Module 3
Measuring and Evaluating Model Performance

Determine the performance of machine learning models.

Module 4
Deep Learning for Business

Consider the appropriate applications of deep learning in business.

Module 5
Model Productionalization

Examine the factors affecting a model’s readiness for deployment.

Module 6
Justifying an Organizational Machine Learning Approach

Communicate a machine learning approach to a wider audience.

Get to Know Our Platform

The Machine Learning online short course is powered by GetSmarter, a 2U Inc. brand.

  • Easy-to-use virtual classroom, called the Online Campus, that has everything your employees need in one place
  • Interactive and engaging course work that features Prezis, video lectures, practice quizzes, and module notes
  • Helpful discussion board where your team can ask questions and share ideas with the head tutor and other colleagues

Give Your Team Access to Machine Learning Experts

Your employees will learn from I School faculty and industry experts who bring their unique perspectives to the classroom. With their years of experience in tech, they will help guide you on the most effective ways to integrate machine learning in your organization.

Hear about the Machine Learning online short course directly from instructors.

Drive Innovation in Your Organization

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