Intellectual Property Theft at Scale

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence estimated in 2015 that intellectual property theft costs the U.S. economy $400 billion annually.

Here’s what $400 billion looks like in context.

States with GDPs less than $400 billion (2017)

States GDP (in Billions)
New Mexico 388.4
Hawaii 352.5
New Hampshire 322.1
West Virginia 307.2
Delaware 294.2
Idaho 287.5
Maine 245.6
Rhode Island 237.8
Rhode Island 237.8
North Dakota 222.0
Alaska 211.2
South Dakota 199.7
Montana 192.4
Wyoming 161.1
Vermont 128.8

161 out of 168 countries have an annual GDP below $400 billion (as recognized by The World Bank).

$400 billion lost to IP infringement is the equivalent of:

IP Theft is larger than the worldwide box office of the top 5 franchises…combined.

Movie Franchises Billions of Dollars
Marvel Cinematic Universe 16.856
Star Wars 9.242
Harry Potter 8.532
James Bond 7.077
Lord of the Rings 5.895

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